United States as The Second Largest Emitter of Carbon Dioxide

If you are looking for an example research paper on United States as the second largest emitter of carbon dioxide then this article will help you.

The total emission of carbon dioxide in the United States is equivalent to 19.4 million metric tons. The reason of this fact that United States is the second largest emitter of Carbon Dioxide is an increase in fossil fuel combustion in this country. There are various sectors which have contributed in emitting carbon dioxide such as industrial, commercial and the transportation sector.

Start your research paper with an introduction of your topic. Discuss the importance of writing a research paper on this topic. Discuss the scope and limitations of your research as well. In the introduction section you will mention those countries which are at the top of carbon dioxide emission list.

After the introduction, present a review of other works in the form of literature review. You may find various articles and research papers written on the reasons of carbon dioxide emission by the United States. You will also find details of your topic in various books of environmental science.

Different organizations of environment assessment and analysis also conduct surveys to identify the rate of carbon dioxide emission by different countries. These surveys can help you in finding facts and figures related to your topic. You may access the Internet in order to find relevant information. Therefore these information resources will be helpful for you if you are looking for an example research paper on United States as the second largest emitter of carbon dioxide.

A qualitative research design will be appropriate for conducting research on this topic. Under this research methodology, you will conduct focus group discussion and interviews with various experts of environmental science. You may also conduct an interview with environment protection agencies to find out their opinion on various factors which have made the United States the second largest emitter of carbon dioxide.

Data collection is followed by data analysis. Data analysis will generate results of your research paper. These results will highlight the role of carbon dioxide emission in causing pollution. In the end of your research paper, you may also give recommendations of further research on this topic.

Therefore this article will help you if you are looking for an example research paper on United States as the second largest emitter of carbon dioxide.

New Role of Students in The Classroom

The purpose of research writing is to come up with new ideas to prove them using logic and knowledge related to a certain subject. Research paper writing on the new role of students in the classroom would not only help students to highlight their issues but also to view their roles in the academic life.

In order to write your research paper you have to make points which you want to add and will help to support your paper.

First of all you will make an outline keeping in mind the role students play in the classrooms related to their studies and various activities within the classrooms. The role changes with the change in thoughts and grows more independent with the passage of time. There are few stages from where students go through and make a way according to their own understanding and help from their teachers. You will pen down the role of motivation and attention given by the teachers to each student in solving their study related problems.

You will make points of the material and information you want to add up in your research paper. Then you will move forward looking for more information which will justify and sustain your reader’s interest in reading. You will write down how a student grows more with time and tries to adjust in his surroundings either with the promotion of grade or changing of school.

You will also mention the role of communication in the classrooms between the teacher and students and among other students themselves. This communication will help them during the process of learning and help solve their queries. Research paper writing on the new role of students in the classroom should also include various activities which are a part of learning and can make minds inclusive to question.

In addition, the use of technology makes students learn fast and new ways to complete their assignments on time. You will also indicate the significance of tests, assignments, reports and presentations which are given to complete within certain time. These will develop within them the sense of responsibility and how to carry out time management.

It does not only help them during their academic journey but also with their professional ventures. Therefore, for research paper writing on the new role of students in the classroom you have to describe in detail all the above points in a manner which would be understandable for the reader. In the end, you will give conclusion by writing your opinion, and information which will help you to sum up or conclude your research paper.

Minority Rights in a Democracy

To eradicate factors of discrimination a nation has to work for the rights of minorities and secure them with complete assurance. Steps to writing a paper on minority rights in a democracy can help you write a quality paper with no mistakes to alter its authenticity.  To start writing your paper note down the key points which should be added in the paper.

Begin with making an outline that shows your readings on the subject and how much information your paper will provide to the readers. Steps to writing a research paper on minority rights in a democracy will give information for compiling your paper accurately.

Each step should be followed correctly from an introduction to a conclusion. The most necessary step is to include references of books or websites from which you will take material to add in your paper.

Your research should stay focused to the subject which is to draw attention towards minority rights in a democracy. You will first have to define what democracy is and how it provides every individual a right to have their say while living with people of every sort.

Then you will move ahead and explain that minority rights are preserved when it comes to democracy because this particular system revolves around people and their will.

The subject becomes debatable when knowing that democracy works with the vote of majority in every aspect. However, this does not lead towards oppressing the minority. You have to emphasize on this point throughout your paper. Elaborate convincing points which help to understand how rights of minorities are secured in democracy without social instability.

In democracy minorities enjoy basic human rights that no majority can remove. The assurance of securing minority rights is given by the Government, which also includes; freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of religious practices, and freedom to participate in social life.

You will throw some light upon the matter of cultural identity and religious practices which are primary for any minority living among a majority.

Be descriptive and analytical in your approach when you write the body of college research paper because it will help you to draw an unbiased conclusion. These steps to writing a paper on minority rights in a democracy will help others to write a similar paper on this topic. For you to follow them is essential if you choose to work on this certain issue.

What Topics Should You Avoid in Writing

During my days as a student I recall asking my room-mate and professors numerous times, what topics should you avoid in writing a research paper? Getting the topic finalized was one of the hardest parts of a research paper – not just for me but for majority of the students.

A research paper is an academic requirement that every student has to fulfill to pass the semester. In fact, in most cases a research paper is a necessity to simply pass the course – this goes to show how highly it is weighted. What makes or breaks a research paper is the topic or area a student chooses to write on. This article will cover what topics should you avoid in writing a research paper.

The importance of choosing the right topic cannot be over emphasized. A poorly chosen topic can create a number of complications and can lead to total disaster. For starters, you may not have a firm understanding of the topic itself which can cause confusion during writing. Secondly, the topic may have been over used by a number of students in the past; therefore your professor will not be able to appreciate your creativity. This is why it is important to be aware of what topics should you avoid in writing a research paper.

So if you are still wondering what topics should you avoid in writing research paper topics then keep reading as below you will find a number of topics that you should stay away from;

Religious topics: religious topics have the tendency to stir emotions in people. Even if you mean well, certain parties can easily be offended. So unless the course requires a religious point of view, stay away from such topics.

Political topics: similarly, topics and discussions related to politics need to be avoided. There is no easy way to talk about politics and you never know whether your audience members are from an opposing party.

General topics: topics that are too wide in scope should be avoided. Learn to fine-tune your selection so as to narrow down your direction and area of interest. If you want to write on the light bulb, for instance, narrow it down to its history, discovery, functioning, processes or evolution.

Common/over-used topics avoid topics that have been recycled hundreds of times by other students. The readers need to be engrossed and interested in your writing by reading fresh material. This means avoid topics such as global warming, cloning, and capital punishment and so on.

So what topics should you avoid in writing a research paper? The answer is now clear.

Writing Research Paper Proposal Sample

High quality research paper proposal sample is essential in getting your research topic approved by your teacher or an academic board. Therefore you need to be extra particular in writing research paper proposal sample as this determines how you are going to go about your preferred topic. Here is a guideline for students that often seek help in writing research paper proposal sample.

1.       To begin writing your research paper proposal sample, you need to first select a topic that interests you and your professor. Normally teachers like students to reflect on a current topic and come up with their own findings on the issue. Therefore pick a topic that is interesting and contemporary.

2.       After you chose the topic, you need to devise an eye-catching title for your research paper. A short title is quickly read and easy to remember. This also helps in holding reader’s attention.

3.       Once you decide on the topic and its title, you need to conduct a thorough research to collect reliable and relevant information about the topic. You may use, depending on the type of your essay, use sources from newspapers and magazines to journal articles and internet websites etc.

4.       Next step in writing research paper proposal sample is to develop a rough sketch of your essay. This works as an indispensible tool that helps you stay focus throughout your research study. This will include deciding on the structure of your essay, the paragraphing of points and arguments, and the deciding between the various formats for citation and referencing.

5.       Now you begin writing your formal piece for your research paper topics sample. Your proposal sample should contain the thesis statement that reveals the intention behind the research paper. You should state the main points of your essay briefly and basically give a gist of what the readers should expect from the rest of your essay. You should describe the research methods and techniques you used and the sources to collect the information and study material. After that you should provide your analysis and the expected research findings. Make sure that you provide solid evidences and arguments to present your case.

6.       Next what you can do in writing research paper proposal sample is discuss the boundaries and assumptions, if any, that you made in order to achieve your results. You can add in any difficulties that you faced while researching and coming up to the potential conclusion that you did. The idea is to show your poise while discussing the limitations of your analysis, as it encourages the reader to believe in your findings.

Hopefully these steps in writing research paper proposal sample will help you in your next assignment.

Help With a College Essay on Reasons of Noise Pollution

In order to write a successful essay on the reasons of noise pollution you must be able to explain the various causes of noise pollution. You must be able to skillfully write the various effects caused by noise pollution, how can noise pollution be controlled? What measures should the government play in preventing as much as noise pollution as they can?

What should your role be in not causing any noise pollution as a member of a community and or a society?

These are some of the aspects on which the examiner will be expecting you to write your college paper on noise pollution on. You must be able to answer all these questions in order to write a good essay. If you don’t know how to write a good essay on noise pollution then don’t worry. In this article I have provided some help with a college essay on reason of noise pollution.

The very first thing you should do before doing anything else is find out more about your given topic. Researching is a very important part of writing a college essay. It can also be fun and interesting to research about your topic. The most easiest and informative method to search for something regarding your topic for your college essay is via the Internet.

The Internet is a very informative source from which you can find out anything in the world. People underestimate the Internet and start going to libraries to study, which is quite boring and I am sure you will agree with me. Online you can easily access free information without moving any muscles; you can enjoy researching online within the comfort of your home.

After getting done with your research move on to the writing part of your college essay on noise pollution, this is really why I have given some help with a college essay on reasons of noise pollution.

Basically you have to write about the causes of noise pollution. For example, traffic in every country is the major source of noise pollution, nothing can top that. Traffic is ever increasing due to heavy amount of vehicles present.

The level of noise pollution has also drastically increased due to low flying military aircrafts soaring over everything. To meet the demands of people, many new houses are built, buildings are constructed, overpasses, highways and other infrastructure are made.

In the conclusion of your college paper on noise pollution, you must write the different ways by which noise pollution can be narrowed down.

Rules for Writing an Analytical Paper

In order to write an analytical paper you must know the various rules for writing an analytical paper. Firstly, you must know what the basic aspects of writing an analytical paper are. What format is used, how it is used? These are all fundamentals and ruled for writing an analytical paper.

So what is analysis? Basically, analysis begins with an object or work of an artist or author. Objects such as poems, novel, plays and or short stories, you play the role of being the analyst and your sole responsibility is to analyze certain significant and vital aspects of those objects in your writing. Literature skills are important and you must be a skillful writer in order to express your analysis.

You have to carefully examine the whole passage or story or a poem and then break it down into individual pieces. Analytical research paper writing is also known as a five paragraph paper, though the number five referred here has no significance at all. This essay is supposed to explain in great clarification a portion of the work which is given to you as your analytical topic.

You need to prove some kind of point, and that point should in fact be insightful and relevant to your audience. The point which you try to emphasize may have to do with the plot, characterization, theme and etc.

Before starting your analytical research paper writing follow these rules for writing an analytical paper and you will definitely succeed, first up is focus. You must place your focus on the specific point which you will be expressing to your reader or target audience. Once you have your focus placed on what point you want to make, work on that and write it in your essay

This is what your teacher requires off you. The point you make must be the central idea of your entire essay. Remember the thesis statements you make are your opinions; they will not be regarded as facts or theory. The thesis is what you will be proving in your entire paper.

So, for your introduction you must start out by writing thesis statements. In the paragraphs after, you must provide adequate facts which will support the point you are trying to establish through your writing.

In the last construct a conclusion, in which you must tie everything up together and make a full summary out of it. The conclusion is basically a mirror which reflects whatever you have written in the paragraphs following the conclusion.

Give this article a good read and follow the rules for writing an analytical paper.

Cultural Implications of Mass Media

The mass media i.e. Television, print media and the Internet has a very large influence on people’s lives, and depending on viewer’s choices, the impact can be negative or positive, in keeping with one’s social life, environment and other factors in place. Culture is the pursuance of arts, letters or scholarly achievements of any organized society.  

Many people are very impressionable, meaning what they see on TV, read in print or the information they get on the internet is taken as authentic without questioning any discrepancies or variations that the media has propagated to promote or wreck a cause or a career.

In your term paper on cultural implications of mass media, explain how globalization has turned the world into a global village providing access to any and all cultures to everyone. However more and more people refer to “globalization as Americanization” because America dominates and supplies most of the media content on TV and the Internet viewed all over the world.

Include in your term paper on cultural implications of mass media, effect that western culture has on the rest of the world, especially third world and developing countries. People now feel that to adopt the American culture of wearing jeans and T-shirts, smoke Marlboros or speak with American accents is progress since these trends have overshadowed their own culture, which they believe is conservative and may be responsible for their poverty or their social issues and problems.

Next in your term paper on cultural implications of mass media, give examples of the domination of western culture in many countries, which imitate the media’s version of culture and what is considered to be acceptable norms of  culture specifically in the performing arts like movies or plays on TV. The media propagation of acceptable behavior in western culture which may be frowned upon in other parts of the world and condemned by people who think that western culture is eroding their own centuries old cultural identities.

Conclude your college term paper on cultural implications of mass media, by elucidating both the negative or positive effect that the media has had on the culture of any given country.  How the media has changed very old cultural traditions, replacing them with their own cultural values. A good example would the celebration of Valentine’s day, joyfully celebrated by contemporary youth all over the world, or other commercially viable occasions like New Year’s celebration, Father’s day, Mother’s day. These celebratory occasions were previously unheard in larger part of the world, but with the advent of mass media and commercial enterprises advertising them forcefully via the mass media, it is universally accepted by vast amounts of population in practically every country of the world, who consider this cultural invasion to be a part of progress.

Disasters Created By Nuclear Weapons

The nuclear bomb is the most destructive weapon produced by humans. In writing a paper on disasters created by nuclear weapons quote that its destructive power is greater than anything known to mankind and it was invented with the sole purpose of being used in warfare.

In writing a paper on disasters created by nuclear weapons, you can refer to the immense destruction that happened in the two cities of Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki where the Americans dropped nuclear bombs in 1945 to end World War 2.

When the Atomic bomb was dropped, it killed almost a 100,000 people instantly and wiped an entire city off the face of the earth, and also had a disastrous effect on the whole world.  When Americans developed the nuclear bomb, they did not know how destructive it was.

The atomic bomb was dropped attached to a parachute. A nuclear chain reaction ensued that built up a temperature of several million degrees centigrade’s in 0.1 millisecond. A fireball of 300,000 degrees Celsius was created and expanded to 250 yards in one second. Around 300,000 people were killed immediately from the blast, and many hundred thousands more died by the man made firestorms that raged through the city. The bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the last bombs ever used in warfare.

Apart from the hundreds of thousands killed in the first blast include in your paper on disasters created by nuclear weapons, write that the death toll mounted rapidly, and even now people are falling sick or dying because of those first atomic bombs dropped in 1945. For the Japanese and all other nations of the world it was the most frightening thing that ever happened.

The complete destruction and wiping out of everything are not the only things that happened after the first blast. So include in your research paper on disasters created by nuclear weapons, many other things that happened like nuclear radiation and fallout.

Fifteen percent of the energy produced by a nuclear bomb is instantly released in the form of nuclear radiations, which are lethal because of the biological destructive capacity. Fallout can appear after a few hours after the explosion, or it may remain active for several years.

Last in your paper on disasters created by nuclear weapons, you can describe the blast winds caused by the explosion which exceeds several hundred miles per hour. When the blast hits the ground it is reflected, and the over pressure there is a certain altitude at which blast range can be maximized. The shock waves of the blast causes pressure waves amongst the body tissues. Lungs and the abdominal cavity are specifically injured and it causes hemorrhaging which can prove fatal.

Importance of Ethics in Business

In order to write a good research paper on the importance of business ethics you must first find out what business ethics are. You must be able to write on these aspects which are what are some ethics which are important to keep in mind when running a business? How important are business ethics?

How do businesses maintain their ethics? What can happen if businesses stop giving importance their ethics? I have covered all this in the importance of ethics in business research paper writing help that I have given.

So these were some of the aspects on which you have to base your entire research paper writing. The reason why I have given you some importance of ethics in business research paper writing help is so that you know what to write and what not to write.

First up, you must prepare yourself and the only way you can do that is through some crucial research. The best way to research for college research paper topics which millions of people consider as a very powerful information tool is undoubtedly the Internet.

The Internet contains everything you need to know. The best thing about online researching is the fact that you can comfortably sit in your room and gather all the information you need for your college research topic.

This is how you should begin your college research paper writing on the importance of ethics in business; remember this is just an example which I have written. The purpose of me giving you some importance of ethics in business research paper writing help is to guide you to writing a better research paper.

Running a legitimate business is not as easy as counting 1 2 3, there are a lot of critical things to be considered when running a business. There a lot of issues which need to be addressed outside the scope of just making money. Among them the most important one is ethics.

As our business grows we start to create an impact in the lives of people involved. We cannot imagine all of them. A growing business creates jobs, creates wealth and inspires other businesses to grow as well.

The failure to understand business ethics can lead to a business closing down. It can lead your business to a bad reputation and can destroy your business

Ethics usually involves the importance of treating your customers adequately with integrity and respect. Maintaining integrity is crucial to developing long lasting relationships with customers