Cultural Implications of Mass Media

The mass media i.e. Television, print media and the Internet has a very large influence on people’s lives, and depending on viewer’s choices, the impact can be negative or positive, in keeping with one’s social life, environment and other factors in place. Culture is the pursuance of arts, letters or scholarly achievements of any organized society.  

Many people are very impressionable, meaning what they see on TV, read in print or the information they get on the internet is taken as authentic without questioning any discrepancies or variations that the media has propagated to promote or wreck a cause or a career.

In your term paper on cultural implications of mass media, explain how globalization has turned the world into a global village providing access to any and all cultures to everyone. However more and more people refer to “globalization as Americanization” because America dominates and supplies most of the media content on TV and the Internet viewed all over the world.

Include in your term paper on cultural implications of mass media, effect that western culture has on the rest of the world, especially third world and developing countries. People now feel that to adopt the American culture of wearing jeans and T-shirts, smoke Marlboros or speak with American accents is progress since these trends have overshadowed their own culture, which they believe is conservative and may be responsible for their poverty or their social issues and problems.

Next in your term paper on cultural implications of mass media, give examples of the domination of western culture in many countries, which imitate the media’s version of culture and what is considered to be acceptable norms of  culture specifically in the performing arts like movies or plays on TV. The media propagation of acceptable behavior in western culture which may be frowned upon in other parts of the world and condemned by people who think that western culture is eroding their own centuries old cultural identities.

Conclude your college term paper on cultural implications of mass media, by elucidating both the negative or positive effect that the media has had on the culture of any given country.  How the media has changed very old cultural traditions, replacing them with their own cultural values. A good example would the celebration of Valentine’s day, joyfully celebrated by contemporary youth all over the world, or other commercially viable occasions like New Year’s celebration, Father’s day, Mother’s day. These celebratory occasions were previously unheard in larger part of the world, but with the advent of mass media and commercial enterprises advertising them forcefully via the mass media, it is universally accepted by vast amounts of population in practically every country of the world, who consider this cultural invasion to be a part of progress.