Disasters Created By Nuclear Weapons

The nuclear bomb is the most destructive weapon produced by humans. In writing a paper on disasters created by nuclear weapons quote that its destructive power is greater than anything known to mankind and it was invented with the sole purpose of being used in warfare.

In writing a paper on disasters created by nuclear weapons, you can refer to the immense destruction that happened in the two cities of Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki where the Americans dropped nuclear bombs in 1945 to end World War 2.

When the Atomic bomb was dropped, it killed almost a 100,000 people instantly and wiped an entire city off the face of the earth, and also had a disastrous effect on the whole world.  When Americans developed the nuclear bomb, they did not know how destructive it was.

The atomic bomb was dropped attached to a parachute. A nuclear chain reaction ensued that built up a temperature of several million degrees centigrade’s in 0.1 millisecond. A fireball of 300,000 degrees Celsius was created and expanded to 250 yards in one second. Around 300,000 people were killed immediately from the blast, and many hundred thousands more died by the man made firestorms that raged through the city. The bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the last bombs ever used in warfare.

Apart from the hundreds of thousands killed in the first blast include in your paper on disasters created by nuclear weapons, write that the death toll mounted rapidly, and even now people are falling sick or dying because of those first atomic bombs dropped in 1945. For the Japanese and all other nations of the world it was the most frightening thing that ever happened.

The complete destruction and wiping out of everything are not the only things that happened after the first blast. So include in your research paper on disasters created by nuclear weapons, many other things that happened like nuclear radiation and fallout.

Fifteen percent of the energy produced by a nuclear bomb is instantly released in the form of nuclear radiations, which are lethal because of the biological destructive capacity. Fallout can appear after a few hours after the explosion, or it may remain active for several years.

Last in your paper on disasters created by nuclear weapons, you can describe the blast winds caused by the explosion which exceeds several hundred miles per hour. When the blast hits the ground it is reflected, and the over pressure there is a certain altitude at which blast range can be maximized. The shock waves of the blast causes pressure waves amongst the body tissues. Lungs and the abdominal cavity are specifically injured and it causes hemorrhaging which can prove fatal.