How to Include in-Text Citations

The idea behind creating a research paper is that the student learns and discovers new ideas from the act of researching. Now in your initial years as a college or university student you will basically perform research and gather information from sources of published information. Now in many cases your instructor might even require you to use specific sources that they require.

Now regardless of the reasons whenever you present information in your research paper that is taken from anther’s published findings you must provide the relevant in -text citation. In t-ext citation is basically mentioning the author’s whose material you have referred to and their findings in the creation of your research paper. Now by presentation in-text citation of any material you have referred to in the creation of your research paper you prove to the submitting authorities that you have researched and gathered material .You also allow your submitting authority to further study the material referred to and to check if your work is authentic.

A basic fundamental reason why it is so important to know how to include in-text citations in a research paper is that one who discovered a new idea must be given due recognition for their efforts. If we stop to recognize individuals whose ideas have helped better our sustenance we discourage creativity and independent thinking. Now in-text citation is not necessarily a difficult task.

The article will attempt to provide a generalized guide line as to how to include in-text citation in a research paper. You must include in-text citation where ever you present information taken from another source. This requires that you site any work paraphrased, any author quoted any ideas taken even images, data or statistics. Now you must place in text citation right after you present a segment of information taken from another source.

Generally this requires the presentation of some form in which you present the authors name and the year of publication. Now the material you cite could be one line, a paragraph or even a whole page. In case you mention what the author says word to word make sure that you place quotes around the particular part and mention the citation information as well. This should give an idea as to how to include in-text citation in research paper.

A complete research paper with authentic in-text citations is awaiting you!