Issue of Family Violence

For help, with a college essay writing on the issue of family violence, start by describing family violence as the abusive behavior by a family member towards another family member. The terms violence describes physical harm, sexual abuse, and murder.

Family violence still exists, although reports over the years are in decline. Because of the complexities of domestic violence, it can be difficult to write a coherent essay. However some guidelines to help are given below:

  • Sometimes statistics are not very reliable, because many people do not report domestic due to the social stigma attached to incidents of domestic violence, and the attitude of the authorities. Further women report more frequently than men about domestic violence. One reason for this is that the law favors women, and men find it hard to win any allegations.
  • Cite reasons with a college paper writing on the issue of family violence, as excessive drinking, short temper, and depression, obsession with sex, ulterior motives or heated arguments over domestic issues.
  • Domestic violence is treated differently in different countries. In the West forcing yourself sexually upon your spouse constitutes domestic violence, whereas in most countries in the world, this is considered to be normal and is not treated as an offense. Even physically assaulting women is considered the norm in many countries of the world, particularly the Third World Countries.
  • As men are physically stronger than women, male domination is accepted in many societies even by women. Sometimes the allegations are not proved in courts, and because of this disparity false allegations are sometimes very tricky to deal with. However, when proved guilty, the guilty is awarded punishment by the courts, in accordance to the extent of the harm caused.
  • For help with a college essay writing on the issue of family violence, research some stories about people who have had to face family violence. Children also face violence, but they are reluctant to give evidence against any member of their family. Sometimes, young children are led to believe that the violence inflicted is just punishment for something they did, and they deserve this punishment.
  • Domestic violence is a very sensitive matter, and be sure that it is handled appropriately. Also consider the psychological effects that this violence has on the victim. You can analyze the laws surrounding the allegations of domestic violence and give your own opinion, based upon your research on the issue.
  • Keeping in mind the sensitivity of this topic, include research based on facts and not hearsay. Always include documented facts and cases, and try to predict any counter arguments, and include what your arguments can serve for help with a college paper writing on the issue of family violence.