What Topics Should You Avoid in Writing

During my days as a student I recall asking my room-mate and professors numerous times, what topics should you avoid in writing a research paper? Getting the topic finalized was one of the hardest parts of a research paper – not just for me but for majority of the students.

A research paper is an academic requirement that every student has to fulfill to pass the semester. In fact, in most cases a research paper is a necessity to simply pass the course – this goes to show how highly it is weighted. What makes or breaks a research paper is the topic or area a student chooses to write on. This article will cover what topics should you avoid in writing a research paper.

The importance of choosing the right topic cannot be over emphasized. A poorly chosen topic can create a number of complications and can lead to total disaster. For starters, you may not have a firm understanding of the topic itself which can cause confusion during writing. Secondly, the topic may have been over used by a number of students in the past; therefore your professor will not be able to appreciate your creativity. This is why it is important to be aware of what topics should you avoid in writing a research paper.

So if you are still wondering what topics should you avoid in writing research paper topics then keep reading as below you will find a number of topics that you should stay away from;

Religious topics: religious topics have the tendency to stir emotions in people. Even if you mean well, certain parties can easily be offended. So unless the course requires a religious point of view, stay away from such topics.

Political topics: similarly, topics and discussions related to politics need to be avoided. There is no easy way to talk about politics and you never know whether your audience members are from an opposing party.

General topics: topics that are too wide in scope should be avoided. Learn to fine-tune your selection so as to narrow down your direction and area of interest. If you want to write on the light bulb, for instance, narrow it down to its history, discovery, functioning, processes or evolution.

Common/over-used topics avoid topics that have been recycled hundreds of times by other students. The readers need to be engrossed and interested in your writing by reading fresh material. This means avoid topics such as global warming, cloning, and capital punishment and so on.

So what topics should you avoid in writing a research paper? The answer is now clear.