Writing Research Paper Proposal Sample

High quality research paper proposal sample is essential in getting your research topic approved by your teacher or an academic board. Therefore you need to be extra particular in writing research paper proposal sample as this determines how you are going to go about your preferred topic. Here is a guideline for students that often seek help in writing research paper proposal sample.

1.       To begin writing your research paper proposal sample, you need to first select a topic that interests you and your professor. Normally teachers like students to reflect on a current topic and come up with their own findings on the issue. Therefore pick a topic that is interesting and contemporary.

2.       After you chose the topic, you need to devise an eye-catching title for your research paper. A short title is quickly read and easy to remember. This also helps in holding reader’s attention.

3.       Once you decide on the topic and its title, you need to conduct a thorough research to collect reliable and relevant information about the topic. You may use, depending on the type of your essay, use sources from newspapers and magazines to journal articles and internet websites etc.

4.       Next step in writing research paper proposal sample is to develop a rough sketch of your essay. This works as an indispensible tool that helps you stay focus throughout your research study. This will include deciding on the structure of your essay, the paragraphing of points and arguments, and the deciding between the various formats for citation and referencing.

5.       Now you begin writing your formal piece for your research paper topics sample. Your proposal sample should contain the thesis statement that reveals the intention behind the research paper. You should state the main points of your essay briefly and basically give a gist of what the readers should expect from the rest of your essay. You should describe the research methods and techniques you used and the sources to collect the information and study material. After that you should provide your analysis and the expected research findings. Make sure that you provide solid evidences and arguments to present your case.

6.       Next what you can do in writing research paper proposal sample is discuss the boundaries and assumptions, if any, that you made in order to achieve your results. You can add in any difficulties that you faced while researching and coming up to the potential conclusion that you did. The idea is to show your poise while discussing the limitations of your analysis, as it encourages the reader to believe in your findings.

Hopefully these steps in writing research paper proposal sample will help you in your next assignment.